New EU regulations will be used to promote the application of natural refrigerants

In the European Union, the new EU fluorine gas (F-Gas) act is not the only legal driving force to promote the use of natural refrigerants. As part of the EU's "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, many measures to make carbonization in the field of refrigeration are soon to be adopted. These regulations will also have a great impact on product design and export in the future, just like the F-gas bill.

In November 30, 2016, the European Commission introduced a package of policies to support the EU's shift to clean energy, including the updating of the building energy efficiency directive (EPBD) and the energy efficiency directive (EED). The EPBD Directive requires that the EU's construction stock be fully de carbonized by 2050. The EED directive recommends that the efficiency of energy efficiency be further increased by 30% by 2030.

Once these two instructions are adopted, it is expected that the types and specifications of refrigeration equipment installed on the market will be affected. Natural refrigerants, as highly efficient and energy efficient refrigerants, have been widely accepted and are expected to benefit from the new EPBD directive and EED directive.

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